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OAC has offered a wide variety of courses in the past and continues to deliver them in a number of formats. From formal group classroom study to direct and practical work in the field to personal 1:1 instruction and informal event-centric learning, check us out!


OAC currently provides several important courses to fulfill its mission. These include: Wilderness First Aid, Standard First Aid, CPR and AED including for the Professional Rescuer (all American Red Cross certifications), boating and treking safety courses (these can be practical or classroom instructions), and trek planning courses.


We are currently investigating other courses to provide, including: safety considerations for classroom experiences in the outdoors, wilderness navigation with map and compass or GPS, Leave No Trace Awareness Workshops and Leave No Trace Trainer courses, and other safety, wilderness, trekking and outdoor activity-related education. In conjunction with the Appalachian Mountain Club, we also offer a presentation on climate change.

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