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The first two hours are dedicated class time. The second two hours will be in the field practicing skills and the last two hours will be using those skills to master a navigational challenge. By the end of the course you will not only understand how to navigate using your new skills, but you will be confident that you can use those skills in the field.


The course is centered on practical skills that have been proven through experience. Whether you're looking to gain confidence in hiking in southern New England or interested in pursuing the New England Hundred Highest or other wilderness expeditions, this will provide you with the confidence necessary.


Cost: members $40, non-members $50

Minimum age: 10 - under 14 must be accompanied by an adult (who also needs to register)

Prerequisites: none

Activity level: walking up to 2 miles


Required gear:

1 liter bottle of water

Lunch and/or snacks

Appropriate clothing

A pack to carry gear


Optional gear:

Personal compass (one will be provided)

Smart phone

GPS device


We will provide:


Local Maps

Group GPS device

Group First Aid Kit


Instructor: This course is taught by an instructor who has climbed many mountains in the northeast and a number in the Colorado Rockies and California Sierra Nevadas. Some of these have included extended bushwhacks. Additionally, he has led adventures in a number of foreign countries.


Compasses we'll use during class include Suunto MC-2 and M-3, Brunton 8099, classic and

TruArc-3 and 15, and Silva Explorer Pro

Staying Found - Navigating in the Backcountry

Learn essential land navigation skills using maps, compass, gps, and smart phones. Gain confidence at the end of the day practicing your new skills with a navigation game.

Staying Found

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