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OAC works to provide a variety of resources to those interested in outdoor activities. The materials provided below are mostly from third parties. Attribution is given where appropriate. Some materials may be original OAC content. There is also a members-only area which provides higher quality information on a number of topics. Most, or all, of this material is copyright by OAC.


This page is not going to just be a sales pitch. In fact, I wasn't planning on selling from here at all. But I've often been asked about some of the items I use on my adventures. I happily share that information and will expand on it here. But for now, I'm going to add a few things that you can get from Amazon, that will help support the OAC at the same time. It is my intention to only list items that I have and have tested thoroughly. If it is something that I do not have first-hand knowledge of, I'll make sure that is clear.

Coincidentally, we have three trips up north this spring and early summer to prepare for our ADK trip that will all use the same map: Sandwich Mountain, Mount Nancy, and Mount Chocorua. I really like the AMC maps. They offer a better scale than most of the other maps (some people complain because it isn't the 1:24,000 scale that the old USGS 7.5' maps were, but none of them are. They're printed on tyvek, though and they hold up very well.


Highly Recommended Maps: AMC White Mountains National Forest Trail Map Set

This includes one of each of the next four maps (actually six maps, because two of them have two maps), at almost half the price. I find myself using each of these maps at least once a year. Often, I use a couple of them more than once.

For Maine:

For Southern NH (think Mt Monadnock and Mt Cardigan):

For Massachusetts (Greylock, Mt Tom, Wachusett Mtn):

Books on Land Navigation:

Other Books of Interest


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Shopping List: Land Navigation

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