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Thank you for your interest in an OAC membership. Though we encourage non-member participation in all of our events, our members can expect a number of additional great benefits! If the information below does not convince you to become a member right away, please consider subscribing to our event newsletter and try us out.


We began offering annual membership in June 2013. We are organized as a Rhode Island non-profit with the mission of, "To promote global citizenship, environmental stewardship, and personal growth through education and outdoor adventure." Those who are interested in joining us in our mission, participating in fun outdoor adventures, and supporting the incredible outdoors available for us to enjoy in New England should consider our low-cost membership.


Currently, our membership consists of the following benefits:

  • Many free or low-cost adventures
  • Carpooling opportunities to events
  • Advanced notice and input into annual event planning
  • A snazzy OAC oval sticker to show you’re an outdoorsy type
  • Reduced rates on all OAC events and classes
  • Support from a great group of friends and access to experienced trip leaders*
  • Priority registration for all events
  • Free access to online photos from OAC events
  • Low-cost to no-cost access to select outdoor gear (tents, stoves, filters, etc)
  • Information about non-OAC events in the New England area
  • 10% of each membership goes to support environmental organizations in the northeast


Annual individual membership costs $25. We currently do not offer family memberships, but will consider this option in the future. Also, we offer membership option (and immediate event discount) on most of our events that have an associated cost.


In 2013, these events included:

  • Vermont High Points in July (climb Mounts Abraham and Ellen!)
  • Mount Katahdin in August (climb the highest peak in Maine and traverse the infamous "Knife's Edge"!)
  • Weekend Camping & Hiking in Maine (grab up to six peaks in Maine's high peaks region)


In 2014, these events included:

  • Ziplining and Whitewater Rafting in western Massachusetts
  • Three day Mount Washington Trip in August
  • Seven day trip to Pikes Peak in Colorado in September
  • Five day trip to Maine which included bushwhacking to several of the New England Hundred Highest peaks


In 2015, these events included:

  • Seven day trip to Zion, Death Valley, and Mount Whitney in California
  • Four day trip to Baxter State Park in Maine, including Mount Katahdin
  • Four day trip to Maine, including several more of the Hundred Highest


In 2016, these events included:

  • Winter climb of Mount Adams
  • Hiking the AT in Maine
  • Backpacking in the Adirondacks
  • Backpacking the Kilkenny Ridge Trail in NH
  • Three day peakbagging trip to Vermont
  • Annual Black Friday Climb (Mount Cardigan for 2016)


In 2017, these events included:

  • Winter climbs of Mount Madison and Mount Washington
  • North-South Trail hiking series
  • Backpacking in NH
  • Climbing Katahdin
  • A week-long trip to Zion, Death Valley, and the Sierra Nevadas, including summiting Mount Whitney


*Most major events and courses have leaders who are trained in First Aid and CPR, including Wilderness First Aid.


Note, benefits are subject to change. Updates and details will always be available from this page.

Annual OAC Membership

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